HOUSE - A Place to elevate your Mind, Body and Soul.
My Tea House is a place just for that much needed break from the hustle bustle of mundane life. It is the place for the are of tea making that will elevate you to a level of meditation and perform a spiritual retreat
that can be a calming distraction from the pressures of working life.
Tea is a habit for many Indians and they have made it famous around the world. One of the ways Indians enjoy is a tea served with ginger, green cardamom, cinnamon and masala. And they very well know the good health benefits of this Tea.


Diets are the first casualty and the clock takes its toll. Tea should be drunk because it’s healthy. As simple as that. Antioxidant or free radical scavenagers from five or
six cups of tea a day will go a long wayin keeping your cholesterol level down.
 For the beauty Conscious, tea helps
 reduce skin damage and certainly  unike coffee, which has  considerably highcaffeine content  Tea does not lead to stress. In  fact it is a stress reliever.